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André Wulf (f. 1976) is a photographer and cinematographer based in Oslo and Fredrikstad. As a photographer his artistic world are abstract and sometimes also combining abstraction and naturalistic expressions. He is searching for the organic and to make visible several worlds simultaneously within his visual landscape. When composing he works intuitively with tracing lines, dynamics, musicality, and depth within his images, with the intension to bring out complexities that can challenge the imaginations of the spectators. 

Wulf works alone and in various collaborative projects and constellations within film and performing arts. He was the cinematographer for the documentary 'Foreign Bodies' produced by Asociatia 4 Culture (RO), and for the short film 'Jordtone' by and with the performance artist and choreographer Inger-Reidun Olsen (NO), and he was the B-photographer for the well-known cinematographer Harald Paalgard (NO) in the short film/dance film 'Between Time', to name a few. In performing arts and performance projects, Wulf has contributed as a photographer, scenographer, video artist, sound artist and performer, and collaborated with Marie Bergeby Handeland (NO), SUBSUS (NO), Inger-Reidun Olsen (NO), Biño Sauitzvy (BR/FR) and Naja Lee Jensen (DK), among others.  

Wulf has been working freelance since 2009 and has more than ten years of experience with photography, sound, and video documentation of performing arts and performance art. His professional competence is both artistic and technical, with a lot of knowledge in camera techniques, optics, sound, and light.